Xtreme Clean Concentrated Building, Truck & Bus Wash

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Xtreme Clean is highly concentrated - 1L makes up to 200L of premier wash that cleans & shines vehicles efficiently but doesn’t leave drying marks, streaking, or etching on glass. A grunty cleaner that works well on curtain-siders, it’s biodegradable and phosphate free, has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & has a low aquatic toxicity.

Used commercially by a number of cleaning companies as an effective building wash to lift and remove built up grime at 1:100 (10ml /L)., and has been used to clean the Lyttelton Tunnel.

Solution: Dilute at 1:100 (10ml /L) for use with bucket & broom, or 1:200 (5ml /L)through a water blaster. Can also be used for cleaning diesel exhaust residue from alloy tanks or cleaning concrete at 1:50 (20ml /L).

Available in 1L, 5L or 20L.